The Severability Section Of A Mutual Aid Agreement Addresses

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46 11. No separate legal entity. However, this agreement does not create a separate legal entity to the extent that management of this agreement becomes necessary, so that the police chiefs of the agencies or their representatives form a common board of directors for this purpose. 12. No effect on other first Response Agreements. This agreement replaces the Multijurisal Mutual Aid Agreement for Police and Sheriff Services, concluded in August 1991 by some agencies and which was amended and extended for a further five years in 1996, but this agreement does not replace existing agency agreements that provide for an initial reaction or support from the law enforcement service of one agency within the political limits of another agency. , regularly or routinely. 13. Full agreement, amendments. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and replaces all prior written or oral agreements and agreements between the parties. This agreement can only be amended by a letter signed by all parties. 14.

Severability. If a provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, inoperative or unenforceable or applicable, it does not affect all other provisions or provisions contained in it or render them invalidable, ineffective or unenforceable in any way. 15. No third-party beneficiaries. This agreement is not intended to serve a party or person who is not named as an agency or who will no longer be a signatory at a later date, as intended. 16. Non-Agent Of the Other Agency staff. Agency staff who provide or are in accordance with these provisions of this Agreement are exclusively senior managers, representatives or employees of the employment they have hired. Each agency assumes all responsibility for the payment of wages, wages or other compensation due or required, including workers` claims, and each public body considers that the other agency is not responsible: the agencies are not responsible for the compensation or compensation of staff of other agencies for injuries or illnesses arising from their employment. and the agencies are not responsible for the compensation or compensation of temporary workers for injuries or illnesses resulting from their employment, and each party undertakes to keep the other party unscathed from such a claim. 17. Real or personal property.

Agencies do not expect them to acquire or hold real or personal property in this cooperative enterprise, but if such a property is jointly purchased by the agencies for the company and paid for by two or more of them, it will be split, as accepted by representatives of the contributing agencies, or, if no agreement is reached, it will be distributed according to their respective payments for the property. , or if it can hardly be split, the property is sold and the product is distributed according to the share of the agencies in the acquisition of the property. 18. Counter-parts. This contract can be executed in original counter-pieces, each of which is considered original. 19. Title and registration. The titles and wordings of this Agreement are mere and are not considered part of this Agreement and do not define, limit, expand, or in any way describe the scope, content or intent of any part or part of this Agreement. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties entered into this agreement on the date and year outlined below.

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