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Confirmation of cooperation and representation or Form 320 is submitted to the parties in the case of a real estate transaction prior to the submission of the offer or contract of purchase and sale. Confirmation of cooperation and representation is presented, discussed and signed by all parties before the offer is sent. Nevertheless, the stakes are high, because the property is usually the most important investment of the seller. By accepting the offer, the seller obtains a binding contract between the two parties. It is therefore essential that the seller fully understands the fine print before signing the purchase and sale contract. Here is an example, the brochure working with a broker In contrast, however, the seller is often surprised when given the contract of purchase and sale. Finally, this purchase and sale contract may seem sudden and unexpected. The seller is often introduced into the purchase and sale contract when a finished and signed version (delivered by the buyer`s real estate agent – is in front of him. Unfortunately, with this important document, the seller can be totally infidable, although his property is on the market.

The listing agreement sets out your hosting address, the price of the offer and the terms of the agreement between you and your broker® as well as the period of validity of the agreement. Once the agreement is signed and on a mutually agreed date, Jamie is allowed to continue the presentation of your home in Toronto`s multiple listings service system and continue with the rest of the advertising plan. Start active marketing! A complex series of carefully planned events unfolds with great attention to detail before a broker lists a property. The list price is set, the marketing strategy is established, repairs and improvements are made, the interior of the house is staged, and the seller psychologically prepares to transfer the property to someone else. The purchase and sale contract sets an irrevocable period – if the buyer`s offer is not accepted by the seller within the indicated period, the offer is null and void and no longer binds either party. In other words, the clock is ticking — and sometimes the seller doesn`t have much time to decide whether to accept, decline, or return the offer. Our brokerage company only concludes a buyer representation contract with the buyer if he is ready to make an offer for a property. Some brokers require the buyer to file a buyer representation agreement before they even start looking for real estate. Our brokerage firm works in good faith with the buyer until they agree to make an offer. The process ultimately requires us to enter into a buyer representation contract with the buyer. The buyer is not responsible for direct commission fees if he has entered into a buyer representation contract with our broker.

If our broker does not find a suitable property for the buyer, no commission is paid.. . .

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